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Illustration? yes. Sculpture? you betcha. Embroidery? absolutely. Jewelery? mmmhmmm.

14th August 2019

18th July 2019

Photographer: Sam Yeates       Model: Sarah Stevens from Models AU

Make up: Yasmine Darwish    Hair: Yovanka Loria        Location: Mayfair Hotel

11th July 2019

A ceramic tea set from a previous workshop. Xanthe is holding another workshop on the 14th of July at the Gathered Design Market.

20th June 2019

Pictured: 'Dine In' Jacket by Chelsea Bain.

13th June 2019

Pictured: One of Rhiannon's witch inspired jackets.

5th June 2019

27th May 2019

Photographer: Sam Yeates       Model: Sarah Stevens from Models AU

Make up: Yasmine Darwish    Hair: Yovanka Loria        Location: Mayfair Hotel

What is the best lesson you learnt from your time at TAFE?

Ah TAFE, the simpler days! I honestly loved most of the subjects that were taught at TAFE, but I guess the subjects that heavily involved pattern-making were my favourite. Pattern-making is something that comes naturally to me and I loved starting with a design sketch and figuring out how I am going to transform that sketch into a perfectly fitted garment.

What is the biggest challenge you have overcome while starting your own label?

Funds! Breaking into this industry is not cheap and requires some real dedication. It has been hard for me to juggle a full time job and weekend job so that I can sufficiently invest and work on my label. I’m also constantly battling with myself and am truly my own worst enemy. I can have a lot of self-doubt and fear failure, especially because this is my passion. I’ve become a huge self-development advocate this year to overcome this and to believe in myself, but it’s still a work in progress.


What do you have planned next for Loveday Collection?

I am currently working on my summer collection and testing a few new manufacturers. I learnt with my first pieces to not put all your eggs in one basket, so I am trying not to rush into any decisions. I have been trying to really nail down what my style is and what story I am trying to tell through my pieces which is starting to come along nicely. I am aiming to have around 10 pieces launched in November in time for the first ever SA Fashion Focus Weekend, but I will try to post as much behind the scenes footage through my Instagram page to keep everyone in the loop!

Vase from the ' From Above' series by Murphy.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I aim for my work to be highly functional, so that is always my first point of inspiration. Currently I am working on a series of pieces that have underglaze paintings on them, inspired by the patterning you see in the landscape as you fly from Sydney to Adelaide. A little homage to my interstate migration and the spaces that link them. I have spent my whole life loving the ocean, so a lot of my glaze inspiration comes from the depth of colour within the coastline. I am also inspired by my mum who has impeccable taste, loves serving ware and feeding people - the ceramics trifecta! If I am designing something new my first thought is often ‘Would Mum like it?’.

What do you have planned next?

By popular demand I am teaching another two ceramic tea set workshops on the 14th of July at the Gathered market, which I am really looking forward to! The last workshops went so well, it was a such a fun day playing with clay, being creative and getting a little bit messy! And everyone came away with their own beautiful, personalised tea set - I was very proud!

You can book your ticket to this event here

After that I will be continuing to develop more functional work to have for sale on my website and maybe even some lights. The sky is the limit!

Photographer: Naomi Shan
Model: Sophie, Finesse Models

Stylist: Chelsea Bain

Would you move interstate to pursue a career in fashion?

It is something I have considered as there are definitely more job opportunities interstate, but as someone who is working on their own label, Adelaide is just as good as anywhere else. I think if you love what you do, work hard and share your work with others, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, people will find your work.

When was a moment that you felt proud of yourself for the work you’ve done?

It’s got to be seeing my designs come down the runway at the graduate parade, knowing how many long days and late nights went into that collection. Also having one of my designs one the front cover of the City and Fringe newspaper and in the Advertiser was so surreal.

What do you have planned next for No Cream and for yourself?

In the short term I have a few ideas for a new collection that I may drop towards the end of the year so keep an eye out for that. Long term I would love to be doing No Cream full time and have proper studio (I think a co-working space would be amazing). I would love to one day have some garments available in stores or even possibly my own shop for No Cream and other designers and artists, I think that would be really cool.

In the meantime, custom orders can be done through Instagram or my website.

Pictured: Rhiannon's 'Like A Girl' jacket with camo background.

Name another local creative that you draw inspiration from or who inspires you.

Adelaide has the most amazing art scene! I didn’t really realise that until I started to network and get to know more people. My favourite person to talk about is Bruce, also known as Bluey Boronia, he owns and runs a small store in Topham Mall called Perch. It’s where I was first stocked and he is literally the reason Dead Peaceful got off the ground! Bruce is such a huge advocate for local makers, particularly queer artists. He is supportive, encouraging, and is just an amazing human. It doesn’t hurt that there are often doggos hanging out in store with him too! Perch stocks lots of local artists and makers, as well as some of the most soulful from around the globe.


Tell us why you’ll find so many badass feminism slogans on your designs?
Look... I love glitter and kittens and bubble tea, but boy oh boy is that existential dread real. I spend a lot of time thinking about my place in the world, and the world more generally too. The world is a scary place and it’s pretty hard to work out exactly where I, as a queer woman, belong and what I can do to help others. For me, feminism provides a way of looking at that problem and it provides a lot of answers too. I guess because I spend so much time thinking about things like that, it follows that it appears in my designs.

The designs I make that have a social justice focus do hold a special place in my heart. They definitely have a little more of me in them. I painted a camo print jacket with rainbow typography reading ‘LIKE A GIRL’ last year. It sold to a teacher in Adelaide that went on to hold an entire festival of events around this concept of fighting like a girl, and what it’s like to live in this world as anything other than a cisgendered man. That was pretty powerful.

I think it’s a brave thing to be unapologetically yourself, and wearing your identity so obviously on your clothing can be part of that. It is for me, at least. I’ve grown up sticking patches onto things and hoarding all the little pins I could find. It’s a way of saying to everyone ‘yeah, this is something I believe in, this is who I am’ and it’s a way of be proud of that.

Pictured: Victoria's winning entry for the Refugee Week poster competition 2018.

What is the best lesson you learnt from your time at TAFE/UNI?

Over my time studying and doing freelance work, I’ve learned that I need to trust myself and be confident in the work I deliver. Teachers/lecturers don’t actually always know everything and if you feel strongly about something you need to follow your creative instincts!

Describe your aesthetic.

I’d describe my aesthetic as bright, fun, sweet and a little quirky.


Name another local creative that you draw inspiration from/ or who inspires you.

I couldn’t decide on one, so here is a list of SA creatives I dig: Lisa King, Paolo Sebastian, Pip Kruger, Jack Bagshaw, Grace Mackay and Kimberley McMurtrie.

Describe your dream job?

My dream job would be working for Disney in some capacity! I’d also love to be a fabric/surface pattern designer, or create all those gorgeous greeting cards you see in stores!

Photographer: marimatosphotography
Hair &Makeup: India Candy
Model: Jamie Sara 
Stylist: Aggie Semets

"Girls" illustration by Bel Short

" Little Things" by Bel Short.

What is the best tip for artists block?

Luckily I usually have too many ideas rather than too little, but if I do get stuck, I have a conversation with someone, take a walk in nature, look through my sketchbook, or read magazines or zines.

What is the best lesson you learnt from your time at TAFE/UNI?

Comparison is the killer of creativity. Cherish and nurture your own creative voice rather than comparing your work to everyone around you.

How does it feel to be able to take moments from your life and turn them into art?

I feel like translating an idea from my head into something physical is a kind of magical process. Taking a thought, a moment, or a feeling and creating something from it brings me so much satisfaction. Of course, the creative process is always challenging, but so rewarding as well. The insight I gain from creating is invaluable.

Name another local creative that you draw inspiration from or who inspires you.

Marusja Kharitonova makes super lovely work! I also love Lilly Buttrose’s jewellery pieces.

Click 'See More' to read Bel's full interview.

Photographer: Chris Galimitakis
Hair &Makeup: Madeleine Preston
Models: Charley and Sekou from AZALEA
Stylist: Stacey Hendrickson

27th May 2019

On a rainy Thursday afternoon in May, already a month when it seemed nothing was going right, the news broke that a beloved SA festival had been axed. This festival was originally designed to celebrate and showcase fashion from already established businesses, but most importantly new and upcoming designers. We were truly saddened by this decision by the State Government and its decision to replace it with an expanded version of its retail-based spin-off 'the Vogue Festival'. We are unsure about the details of the new festival which will go ahead later this year and how much involvement this will mean for small businesses and emerging designers. 

Instead of worrying ourselves into a state of despair and confusion, (similarly to what we did when Nina West got booted off RuPaul's Drag Race) we decided to do something to fix the lack of exposure for creative people; and lo and behold, The Creative Folks was born.

Our vision is to promote and celebrate not only fashion designers, but all creatives from our proud state. Drawing, painting, embroidery, fashion, graphic design, musicians, songwriters, poets, crochet, knitting, MUA, small business owners and everything else.

We aim to bring you weekly news and updates about the local creatives living and working here in South Australia. 

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