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18th July 2019


Brenda Loveday launched her own fashion label earlier this year after graduating from her Bachelor of Creative Arts (Fashion) a few years agoand we couldn't be more proud of her.

Loveday Collection has started with a small capsule of monochrome tops and skirts, and has promised to release new styles by the end of the year.

We chatted to Brenda to find out more about her experience studying and the challenges she has faced launching her own fashion label.

What is the biggest challenge you have overcome while starting your own label?

Funds! Breaking into this industry is not cheap and requires some real dedication. It has been hard for me to juggle a full time job and weekend job so that I can sufficiently invest and work on my label. I’m also constantly battling with myself and am truly my own worst enemy. I can have a lot of self-doubt and fear failure, especially because this is my passion. I’ve become a huge self-development advocate this year to overcome this and to believe in myself, but it’s still a work in progress.


What do you have planned next for Loveday Collection?

I am currently working on my summer collection and testing a few new manufacturers. I learnt with my first pieces to not put all your eggs in one basket, so I am trying not to rush into any decisions. I have been trying to really nail down what my style is and what story I am trying to tell through my pieces which is starting to come along nicely. I am aiming to have around 10 pieces launched in November in time for the first ever SA Fashion Focus Weekend, but I will try to post as much behind the scenes footage through my Instagram page to keep everyone in the loop!

Is there anything you would have liked to learn while studying?

I wish that I had learnt more about how to actually start your own label and the steps and processes involved! It was partially my fault as I went down the Big Business stream, but I have realised since graduating that I have had to figure a lot of stuff out on my own. I definitely think that some sort of mentorship program should be included in this course to prepare students who want to start their own label.

What is the best lesson you learnt from your time at TAFE?

Ah TAFE, the simpler days! I honestly loved most of the subjects that were taught at TAFE, but I guess the subjects that heavily involved pattern-making were my favourite. Pattern-making is something that comes naturally to me and I loved starting with a design sketch and figuring out how I am going to transform that sketch into a perfectly fitted garment.


When was a moment that you felt proud of yourself for the work you’ve done?

To be honest, whilst I take immense pride in everything that I do, nothing has beat the feeling that I had when I saw my graduate collection go down the runway. I went all out, there was a lot of long hours and hand-crafting involved and I really feel like I poured my heart and soul into these pieces. The pieces I created aren’t something I would offer commercially, but it was amazing to see how creative I can really be.

When did you think of becoming a fashion designer as a career path?

From a young age I have always been a girl with a love for fashion and party dresses, especially the ones that my Granny made me for my birthdays. My initial spark came from binge watching Gossip Girl when I was 14. If you’ve watched it, you’d know that a girl on there makes her own dresses because she can’t afford the real deal. From there I became obsessed with designing and making my own clothes and knew that this was going to be my lifelong passion.


How do you feel about the axe of Adelaide Fashion Festival?

The news was heartbreaking for me as I only went for the first time last year and was planning on getting showcasing my collection this year. Fashion is already so limited in Adelaide and unfortunately AFF ended just when I thought I was in the right position to become involved. However, I am using this loss as a driver to work harder and aim for bigger things, like Melbourne or Sydney Fashion Week.


Name another local creative that you draw inspiration from or who inspires you.

From a business perspective but also for her style, Katelyn Ellery has been a big inspiration to me. I remember when she started her Labels page on Facebook years ago, and to look at her now and see what she’s done for the Adelaide fashion scene (Ellery Events, Creative Lifestyle Market and SA Fashion Focus Weekend) from pure passion and hard work is incredible. I also look up to my hairdresser Yovanka Loria. She has recently created her own brand of weft hair extensions and I’ve seen how hard she has worked for what she’s created, she’s a true entrepreneur!