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29th May 2019

How did the name mifufu! come about?

‘Mifufu’ was the name of a character I used to draw I high school in a comic book style series. He was a balding toucan who would get up to a whole bunch of mischief. It was one of the ways I would express my odd sense of humour! When we had to come up with a brand name for our collection is was an obvious choice for me, so i styled it in a way to capture the aesthetic of the brand.

When did you think of becoming a fashion designer as a career path?

I always wanted to be a fashion designer, since I was a child. It was just one of those things! I did actually start an apprenticeship as a chef when I was 16, but I realised it wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted. I couldn’t let go of wanting to be a designer so I decided I would make it work no matter what.

What is the best lesson you learnt from your time at TAFE?

That’s a tough one because I’ve learnt a lot, but the best advice I received was when I was talking to one of my lecturers Lucy, about coming up with ideas and concepts. I said to her that I couldn’t stop drawing wiggles and she said “well you’re not ready to bury it then!”. That’s when I realised that for me designing really isn’t about starting over so people don’t get bored, its about building upon your aesthetic. So that’s how my graduate collection ‘wiggle wiggle’ came about.

What is the biggest achievement you’ve made to date?

Winning the ‘Lecturer’s Choice’ award for my collection was a pretty massive moment for me. I made every piece myself, all the pattern-making and embroidery, the custom print, and to be recognised for that was a moment I will never forget. Being asked to be a part of the first ever A-Z files awards show by Stacey Hendrickson was mind blowing too, I felt so lucky to have been a part of that experience.

When was a moment that you felt proud of yourself for the work you’ve done?

It was so surreal to see my designs come out onto the runway at the graduation parade. I think every time I do a runway; I feel so proud and elated, it never changes and is always a very emotional experience for me. 


Describe your design aesthetic.

Clashing and vibrant, juxtaposed, wiggly, fun and weird.

Name another local creative that you draw inspiration from/ or who inspires you.

I think Stacey Hendrickson's ambitious personality is certainly inspiring and I am thankful for the work she does for Adelaide's fashion community and for me. I am also inspired by all of the women who are doing incredible things for the fashion community in Adelaide.

What do you have planned next for mifufu?

I’m hoping to have my online store up and running in a few months’ time while I finish my studies, where you’ll be able to buy some accessories from my debut collection ‘wiggle wiggle’, as well as a small selection of garments! You can keep up to date with my projects, store launch and shoot on my Instagram page.

Aggie Semets is the mind behind Mifufu!, a clothing and accessory label that boasts vibrant colours, quirky prints and hand made textiles. We spoke to Aggie about her label, the things she learnt while studying and what is next to come for Mifufu!